Income replacement if you’re unable to work

  • Disability coverage helps replace a portion of your income if you’re unable to work due to an injury, illness or pregnancy.
  • The district offers coverage through Standard Insurance Company.
  • You receive a monthly benefit up to a maximum of $8,000.
Determining your coverage

During enrollment, you choose what percentage—40, 50 or 60%—of your annual base earnings you want to replace each month. Your base earnings are determined by your base salary on October 1 or the date you become eligible for benefits. Base earnings, calculated at the time of your disability, does not include bonuses, commissions, overtime pay, shift differential, employer contributions on your behalf to any deferred compensation or pension plan or any other extra compensation.

Some wage continuation benefits, like Workers’ Compensation, Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) and Social Security, reduce your disability benefits. That list includes leave days, sick days and summer wages. If you have been receiving disability benefits for at least 180 days at the time of your death, survivor benefits may be paid to your spouse, child(ren) or estate.

Choosing your elimination period

The elimination period is the amount of time you must wait until disability benefits begin once you’re disabled.

If you have a lot of sick/personal days available, you might choose a longer waiting period because, typically, you receive 100% of your pay during the disability waiting period if you have a certain number of accumulated sick/personal days.

The plan pays a minimum monthly benefit of $300 if you have sick days left after the waiting period and then pays the full monthly benefit amount elected once you have no sick days available, subject to reductions by deductible sources of income and disability earnings.

This chart shows your options and the average number of sick or personal days you need to continue receiving 100% of your pay before the plan begins to pay benefits.


Disability waiting period options Average number of sick/personal days
30 calendar days 22 work days
60 calendar days 44 work days
90 calendar days 66 work days
180 calendar days 132 work days


The plan pays 25% of your monthly benefit if you have sick days left after the elimination period and then pays the full benefit amount once you have no sick days available, subject to reductions by deductible sources of income and disability earnings.

Filing a claim

To file a disability claim, contact Standard Insurance Company at 800-378-2395

Additional questions about filing a claim: 


Receiving benefits

Once approved, your benefits start the day after your elimination period ends. Benefits may continue during disability until you recover or reach the maximum benefit period.

Other sources of income you’re eligible for—Workers’ Compensation, Teacher Retirement System (TRS), Social Security (if applicable) and any other wage continuation benefits (including leave days, sick days and summer wages)—reduce your benefits. A survivor benefit may be payable to your beneficiary, child(ren) or estate if you have been receiving disability benefits for at least 180 days prior to death.

If you have Aldine ISD sick/personal days, you may be eligible to receive the minimum disability benefit ($100) at the same time as your sick pay. Once your sick pay is exhausted, you may be eligible to receive the full monthly disability benefit. 

The duration of your benefits is based on your age at disability.


Provision description
Age when disability begins Maximum benefit period
61 or younger To age 65, or 3 years 6 months, if longer
62 42 months (3 years 6 months)
63 36 months (3 years)
64 30 months (2 years 6 months)
65 24 months (2 years)
66 21 months (1 year 9 months)
67 18 months (1 years 6 month)
68 15 months (1 year 3 months)
69 12 months (1 year )
Pre-existing conditions

This plan doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions for the first 12 months after your effective date of coverage. You have a pre-existing condition if, in the 12 months prior to your effective date of coverage, you received medical treatment, consultation, care or services (including diagnostic measures) or took prescribed drugs or medicines for a sickness or loss.

Actively-at-work provision

If you’re not actively at work when coverage is scheduled to become effective, your coverage doesn't take effect until you complete your first day at work. Paid leave and paid vacation are not considered being actively at work.

Taking coverage with you

If you leave the district, your disability plan is not convertible. 

Helpful resources

For more information, refer to the insurance certificate or call Standard Insurance Company customer service at 800-628-8600.

Certificate Group Long Term Disability Insurance

Important: The information provided on this page is not the official policy. In the case of discrepancies, the policy governs.

Your cost

Based on 24 pay periods $4.94

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