Health clubs

Incentives to help you and your family stay in shape

  • When you enroll for benefits, you can choose a health club membership at a special discounted rate and have the amount automatically deducted from your paycheck.
  • Choose from several popular health clubs, including Fitness Connection, 24 Hour Fitness, Pure Fitness or your local YMCA.
  • Membership fees are deducted from your paycheck.
  • There's no contract to sign, but please be aware that once you enroll, you can't drop, add or change your health club benefit during the plan year unless you have a qualified life event or change in your family status.
  • If you already have a membership with a participating club, check with them to see about converting to the Aldine ISD program.


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Costs and options
Health club membership
Health club Employee only Employee + spouse
Pure Fitness $10.00 N/A
Fitness Connection $7.50 12.50
24 Hour Fitness Inc. $17.50 $27.50
Pay-period cost, based on 24 pay periods


Health club membership - YMCA only
Frozen salary Employee only Employee + spouse Employee + child(ren) Employee + family
$60,000 and up $25.50 $35.00 $32.00 $40.50
$50,000 - $59,999 $23.00 $31.50 $29.00 $36.50
$40,000 - $49,999 $20.50 $28.00 $25.50 $32.50
$0 - $39,999 $18.00 $24.50 $22.50 $28.50
Pay-period cost, based on 24 pay periods

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