Vision Basic and Plus

Coverage for eye care, frames and contact lenses


Our vision plan options meet your needs, whether you like to change your frames and lenses often, or simply like to make sure your eyes and health are in good working order.


  • In- and out-of-network benefits

  • Annual in-network eye exam with a $10 copay

  • Glasses or contact lenses every calendar year

  • New frames every two calendar years (Vision Basic)

  • New frames every calendar year (Vision Plus)

Quick coverage comparisons

Both Vision plans are very similar. The main differences are the copays for eyeglass lenses and how often the plan covers new frames. Check the Vision Basic and Vision Plus plan summaries for details.

Using your plan with in-network providers

When you make your appointment, identify yourself as an EyeMed member and provide your name and date of birth to verify your coverage. At your appointment, pay your $10 exam copay.

You can purchase eyewear materials from the provider who performed your exam or any other in-network provider. Pay the materials copay for your glasses. You're also responsible for non-covered lens options, such as tint and anti-reflective coating.

Contact lenses coverage

You receive full coverage for contact lenses at a network vision provider. You're responsible for up to $55 toward the cost for a standard fit and follow-up evaluation which includes two follow-up visits or 10% off a premium fit and follow-up evaluation. Your provider will determine if you require a standard or premium fit and follow up evaluation. You have a $125 allowance to use toward the purchase of your contact lenses. The entire allowance must be used at one time.  If you wear hard contact lenses, you receive a 15% discount on the amount over the allowance.   

You may also order contact lenses online at ContactsDirect. Your in-network benefits are applied at checkout and you receive free shipping.

You don’t need to file a claim when you receive care from network providers.

Using your plan with out-of-network providers

If you use an out-of-network provider, you pay the full cost at the time of your appointment, then submit receipts with a claim form for reimbursement. You're reimbursed up the out-of-network amounts found on your benefit summary.

Get the latest frames

When you visit a retail or private practice provider within the EyeMed vision network, you have a $150 allowance to apply to the cost of your frames. If you select a frame that exceeds your $150 allowance, you're responsible for the difference less a 20% discount.      

Additional vision materials discount program

All enrolled members receive a 40% discount on additional complete pairs of glasses once your funded benefits have been used. You may use the discount toward as many additional pairs as desired at any time throughout the year.

Not all providers offer this discount. Call EyeMed Customer Service or look on the provider locator to determine which providers accept the additional discounts in your area.

Find a vision care professional

The EyeMed network consists of private practitioners and retail outlets *including LensCrafters, Sears Optical, Target Optical, JCPenney Optical, Walmart and most Pearle Vision locations. Your welcome kit includes the eight providers closest to your home. You may also visit the EyeMed provider locator and select the INSIGHT network, or call EyeMed Customer Service at 844-409-3402.

*In February 2020, Sears Optical, US Vision (JCPenney Optical) and Stanton Optical will no longer be part of the EyeMed networks. 

Plan summaries

Check your Vision Basic plan summary

Check your Vision Plus plan summary

Clear Vision Discount program

If you’re enrolled in the QCD Managed Cost Dental plan, you’re also entitled to discounted vision services and materials through Davis Vision. The Clear Vision Discount program provides you with significant discounts on eye exams, lenses, frames and additional eyewear options. For details about the services the plan provides and your discount amounts, see the Clear Vision Discount program summary document here.


Find a vision care professional.

Have your control code available. Log on to Davis Vision and choose Find a Provider or call 888-897-9347, available Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Central Time.

Helpful resources

For more information or help of any kind, call EyeMed customer service at 844-409-3402, visit the EyeMed website or you can also use the EyeMed Members App to learn about benefits, schedule appointments, find a provider and much more.

Rates per pay period
Vision Basic
Employee $1.88
Employee + spouse $3.55
Employee + child(ren) $3.70
Employee + family $6.92
Vision Plus
Employee $2.80
Employee + spouse $5.55
Employee + child(ren) $5.83
Employee + family $8.93
Covered Services You pay
check Annual in-network exam copay


check New eyeglass lenses or contacts

Every calendar year 

check Vision Basic - New frames

Every two calendar years 

check Vision Plus - New frames

Every calendar year 

Find a network provider

The RediMD telehealth service allows you to have a doctor’s appointment online or by phone, day or night to diagnose a health concern, recommend treatment or prescribe medications, for only $35. First time user code: aldineisd

The CVS MinuteClinic and HealthHUB locations are designated walk-in clinics with a $0 copay for employees enrolled in the Memorial Hermann ACO and Open Access Select plans. Employees enrolled in the KelseyCare ACO plan do not have walk-in clinic benefits at this time. 

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