Dental plan
What are the differences between the dental plan choices?

Dental HMO option: You choose a primary care dentist (PCD) in the Cigna network. Your PCD directs all of your dental care and refers you to specialists as needed. All services have set copays based on a schedule of fees. There’s no deductible. The plan doesn’t cover expenses for services outside the Cigna Dental network except in emergencies, which require prior administrator approval. When you enroll in the Cigna Dental HMO, you agree to choose a PCD for you and your family. To select a PCD, call Cigna at 800-Cigna24.

Dental PPO option: You can go to any licensed dental provider. However, this option is a “silent PPO.” This means you have access to a preferred provider Cigna network. You receive the same level of coverage whether you use a provider that’s in or out of network. Using an in-network provider generally results in lower costs because these providers have agreed not to charge over the usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) limits. You may change dentists or seek care from a dental specialist at any time.

QCD discount dental option: You can go to any dentist or specialist in the QCD of America network without a referral. Within the Houston area, QCD has over 1,200 dental providers. To find a dentist or specialist near you, use the QCD Find Your Dentist tool. You can also contact QCD membership services at 800-229-0304. 

Where can I get provider directories for the Dental HMO and QCD discount dental options?

Visit the websites or call the customer service phone numbers, available here.

Are there any restrictions on dental benefits?

Yes, if you're a new enrollee in the Dental PPO plan, a missing tooth provision applies to you. That means the plan only pays 50% of the normal cost for replacing missing teeth until you've been a plan participant for 12 months. After 12 months, the service is considered a Class III expense.

How do I get a referral for a specialist on the Dental HMO Plan?

Your assigned primary care dentist is responsible for completing a specialty referral form when you need specialty dental care.

Do I need an ID card for my dental plan?

That depends on your plan.

If you are enrolled in one of the Cigna dental HMO plans, you’ll be issued a card when you join and any time you change your primary dentist. The name of your dentist will be on the card.

If you belong to the Cigna PPO plan, you do not need a card and no card will be automatically issued to you. If you’d still like to have one for yourself or a covered dependent, you can print one from

If you use the Discount Dental plan, you’ll receive a card with your membership ID number. Bring this card with you to any appointment with a QCD of America provider

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